Luciano Spalletti: “We have to accept this tie”
21:15, Saturday, 15 October 2011
21:15, Saturday, 15 October 2011

Luciano Spalletti: “We have to accept this tie”

Zenit head coach Luciano Spalletti spoke about the fairness of the 0:0 tie with Dynamo in the 27th match day of the SOGAZ Russian Premier League.

— It was a good match. I hope that it wasn`t boring for the fans, even though there weren`t any goals scored. I know how much the fans like goals. I`m satisfied with the way my boys played, with their character. We had a lot of good chances to score, where we took the ball all the way to the opponent`s penalty box, in good positions, but we rushed too much to be able to put the ball home. Dynamo also had two or three good scoring chances. I would say they`ve got one of the best forward lines in Russia. This is a result that we have to accept, even taking into account how much time we spent in and around their penalty box.

— How serious is Alexander Anyukov`s injury? Does he have any chance of playing in Donetsk? How about Kerzhakov?
— We have to take the right approach to these two situations. Anyukov got a really bad bruise under his knee. He went to the hospital right away, and we have to examine how things go. Kerzhakov`s injury is a different story. We have to follow it closely.

— Are you satisfied with Alexander Bukharov`s progress?
— The only thing that Bukharov doesn`t have is a sense of composure, a sense of self-confidence. Let me say again, that`s the only thing. He doesn`t have any problems other than that. He`s got the necessary quality. It`s just that every time he comes on the field it`s like an exam for him. He needs to prove his position in the team, and that holds him back. He`s a great guy, a professional, and the whole team loves him. I`m sure that if he manages to score a couple of goals, the situation will change.

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