15:55, 05 October 2011
Rossiya Airlines becomes official Zenit partner
Rossiya Airlines and FC Zenit have signed an official partnership contract. Thus St. Petersburg`s home airline and the Northern Capital`s main football club, the current Russian champion, have begun mutual cooperation. The contract will last through the end of the 2011/2012 Russian Premier League season.

Under the partnership program, the blue-white-sky blues and Rossiya Airlines plan to hold joint marketing, advertising, and PR-events, and to work together in the social sphere.

The history of the Petersburg airline and the city`s top football club go back a long ways in time, to the days when professional football and civil aviation were just being born in Russia. Decades later, Zenit has become the sporting symbol of St. Petersburg, and Rossiya Airlines, the successor of Pulkovo Airlines, has kept its status as the city`s home airline.

“We`re linked to Zenit most of all by our native city. Despite the international level of both Zenit and Rossiya Airlines, we both strive to be a symbol of St. Petersburg. Our partner wins over its fans` love through its beautiful style of play, while we win our clients` favor by constantly improving our services and providing the best prices. I`m sure that our cooperation will be fruitful and successful!" — explained Dmitry Zvonaryev, Deputy General Director for Business of Rossiya Airlines.”

“Signing a contract with Rossiya Airlines, one of the largest and most comfortable airlines in the country, will give our club a strong partner, — explained Dmitry Mankin, Zenit`s Commercial Director, to the club`s official website. — This cooperation will be beneficial both to our team and to our fans.”