07:18, 28 June 2012
Zenit launches new partnership with YouTube

Zenit has signed a partnership agreement with Google, thanks to which Zenit-TV, the official station of Zenit football club, will now be broadcast on the largest video hosting in the world: YouTube.

A test version of Zenit-TV was launched on YouTube back in March, 2012. Over the last four months the number of Zenit-TV subscribers has grown over 1,000, and the Zenit videos published there have gotten more than 600,000 views. Live broadcasts of the briefings of Zenit head coach Luciano Spalletti, open practices, youth team matches, and other club events will all be launched in the very near future.

Zenit invites you to subscribe to our Zenit-TV channel at the address youtube.com/zenitfootballclub. We guarantee that this is where you`ll find the most current and interesting videos from the life of your favorite club.