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Yordan Osorio: “It's strange to be at home for days without football”

The Venezuelan defender spoke to us about life in quarantine, his love of fish, his new football school in his home town of Barinas and what he misses about back home.

Yordan Osorio: “It's strange to be at home for days without football”

Let’s start with a simple question, what do you think of the weather here?

I don’t understand it, the calendar says April and it is snowing outside! (The interview was on Friday 3 April - Ed.) It’s strange, just two days ago the sun was shining. In Venezuela now it is 30-35 degrees! 

Do you have winter there in Venezuela

Not really winter, in the mountains there is snow. But it’s warm all year round.  

Can you tell us what your day is like under quarantine? 

I wake up around 10am, have breakfast, then I do some training. The rest of the time I devote to my family, we watch films or TV shows, I play with my daughter and we cook together. 

Do you train in the mornings and the evenings?

My main training is in the morning and lasts an hour or so, every day my exercises are quite different from each other. In the evening, I do only stretching.  

Do you have a day without training?  

Yes, Sunday.

Is that the most boring day?  

I don’t think so and my family is with me so I don’t get bored.  

Is it hard to train at home?  

The limited space is the main issue. But I always do a full work out regardless. 

Do you train with the ball? 

Sure! As far as I can in the size of our apartment. 

Have you broken anything yet? 

No, I'm careful! But that could change at anytime, I stay away from the windows (laughs).  

Is there anyhing you like in quarantine?

Only that you can spend a lot of time with your family, especially during these tough times. It's strange to be at home for days without football, not to go to training or to the stadium. 

Is that what you miss the most? 

Yes! But everyone can understand this difficult situation, so I haven’t given up and am training at home. 

Which teammates do you talk to the most?

With Douglas Santos, we are constantly in touch. 

You recently posted a video on how to cook fish, is that something you enjoy?

Yes, it was fried dorada fish. I really like fish and have it a lot. This is all from childhood, in Barinas, where I grew up, there is the Santo Domingo River and my father and brothers are constantly fishing and always had a good catch! 

Can you share the recipe? 

It is very simple, clean the fish, make several cuts on it so that it fries better and add a little garlic and salt, that’s it. My wife and I often cook at home, so we hardly ever go to restaurants.  

What else do you like to cook? 

Arepas, it’s a corn tortilla that is a traditional Venezuelan dish. We make it with meat, chicken and many different fillings. Most of all I like arepas with chicken and cheese. 

What Venezuelan food do you especially miss in Russia? 

You can't get real pabellon here, that is a dish that is a mixture of meat, rice, black beans and fried plantains. I can’t find the right stuff here. Plantain is like banana, only bigger and unsweetened.  

How are your relatives in Venezuela? 

Every day I call my parents and I thank God that they are all right. There is quarantine there too and everyone is at home, they know how dangerous it is to go out. We hope soon it will be all over.  

Can you tell us more about your new football school?

This is a small already running school, just like the one I was at as a child. It’s in a very modest area of ​​Barinas, next to the house where I grew up. My younger brother’s children go there and they came to me for some help and I immediately agreed, because I know how important it is to support children, which is something I did not have. 

It’s great that they see me as a role model to imitate and I am happy to help them develop in football and get them away from the street and instead concentrating on sport and not anything else. Now it will called the Yordan Osorio Football School. 

How exactly will you be assisting them?

I will get them everything they need, kits, balls, training stuff. Then we'll see what else I can do for them. 

You’ve mentioned your brother, how many brothers do you have? 

I have three brothers and a sister. The eldest and one of my younger ones are professional footballers in Venezuela, and the youngest one is a youth player at Zamora, like I was. Even my sister lived football at one time, but then she stopped. We are like an Osorio dynasty! (laughs)